About Us

This website was set up to offer you products that are unique and made of real wood. My shop is in my home and I work for the pleasure of working with wood and to keep out of my wife's way. Yes, she sends me to the basement when I get overly annoying (I make sure this happens a lot).

All the products offered on this site are made with real wood purchased from local small businesses. The great thing about that is that you can get custom made items to your order by just asking. I do not charge more if you want something made from cherry or walnut etc. I only adjust the price if you request a special/exotic wood. I then will only charge you the additional cost of the wood.

A word about checkout: When you fill out the check-out form, that information stays with me. I DO NOT sell or offer your information to others. 

A word about payment: I use PayPal for check-out because it is secure. Yes, it costs me to do so but I wouldn't want anything to happen to my transactions either.

If you have any questions, please email me through the "contact us" link.

What can I make for you today?