Air Engine Model Plans


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Pictured are some samples from the actual file that you will receive. As you can see, there are not a lot of parts to this model. Most parts can be made from basic tools you may already have in your shop. A lathe is handy for making the cylinder but if you don't have a lathe, you can make the cylinder square, or octagon, or...??

The plans were made using Sketch-up ( <-- click that to go to the website) which is a free program that you will need to view and print the drawings. There is also a Sketch-up viewer for just viewing/printing files in the "Our Products" dropdown if you don't want the full blown program..

The step by step instructions  are in PDF format for easy printing. The whole package comes in a zipped file for quicker downloading.

If you don't have a zip program, you can download this free open source program. (this one is 7zip, but any unzip program will work).


These models are really fun to build and can be done in a long weekend. Use your imagination for the type of wood you'd like. Use multiple woods. Add a pen holder. Add a business card holder. Add anything you want. This is YOUR  model.
I have made a special jig to build the wheels using a router. You can purchase those drawings also by clicking the wheal jig plans, but that is completely optional.
For a detailed look at some of the examples of models and to see a video of some of the models actually working, please go to the "Build a Model for Me" section. There you will see photos/videos of actual models built using these plans. Download the plans now and get started with your model.

Disclaimer: This is a functioning model and not a toy. There are moving parts on the models that are delicate. These models are NOT for children but are intended as conversation or display pieces. When using a compressor please be careful and safe. Wear eye protection at all times. I am not responsibe for damages and misuse. Start with a small amount of air and slowly increase untill the model starts turning. You may need to spin the wheel to help in starting. Once started, you can adjust the air pressure for faster or slower turns.

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